Top five biggest exchange hacks and a chronicle of 2018. What is the modern crypto exchanges’ response to the “burn in hell” message from Vitalik Buterin?

Has the cryptocurrency exchange which you typically trade on already been hacked? If not yet, this is highly possible. Centralized exchanges, which Vitalik Buterin resumed trading and offered the victims two compensation schemes: a gradual refund through the purchase of stolen cryptocurrency and compensation with Coinrail RAIL tokens, which can then be converted into a cryptocurrency at the inner rate.

Protection advice

Rik Ferguson, an analyst at cybersecurity firm Trend Micro, hacked on June 19, just a few days after it Bancor, a decentralized exchange created in opposition to centralized ones, to which Vitalik Buterin has recently addressed his angry “burn in hell” statement, was attacked by hackers on July 9, 2018. It is noteworthy that this happened a day after the exchange expressed in the official Twitter post the full agreement with Vitalik Buterin about centralized decisions and stated that decentralized exchanges are the future.